On the strength of an exceptional diversity and the splendid work accomplished over the past ten years by hundreds of scientists, Gabonese and international experts in every domain of sustainable development and the Climate Plan, the President of the Republic decided to draw the attention of Gabonese citizens and the international community to his vision and Gabon’s commitment to a development model that is original and incorporates an awareness of global issues.

What better way for the Gabonese Presidency, with the mobilisation of the ANPN (National Parks Agency), to share with you this rich diversity, work, experience and vision, than to create a unique 3D interactive multimedia experience on the Internet.

Travel right to the heart of a paradise on earth, the rainforest in Gabon, the earth’s second lung, and take in vast expanses of authentic, untamed nature in an unspoilt land…

Gabon designed by nature allows you to explore a large number of topics such as:

- All the information you need to come to Gabon and relish the experience. And many other surprises are in store…

The interactive 3D graphics will allow you, the ecosurfer, to travel like never before to the heart of Gabon’s prodigious diversity. You can choose your own itinerary through the parks, while at the same time taking advantage of scientific information and the assistance of an experienced guide during the entire tour.
  • - The flora and fauna in the Gabonese rainforest and 13 National Parks.
  • - An initiation into the secrets of man and nature.
  • - The global issues involved in the preservation of the Congo Basin rainforest.
  • - An original way to find out about exceptional biodiversity and meet the specialists.
  • - The programme for the development of ecotourism in Gabon.
  • - Also, discover the culture and traditions of the peoples of Gabon.